An Overview of Data Entry Work and How to Apply

Are you looking for a way to work from home? Then, you are most probably constantly busy applying for jobs. Sometimes you even apply for jobs with vague job descriptions and hope that you will cope with what would be expected from you. 

Unfortunately, in most instances, you are disappointed when someone else gets the job, and you have to apply again for other jobs. Online data entry might be your solution. 

We’ve had a look at what is generally expected from a person in an online data entry job, what income can be expected, and where and how you can apply online. Read on to learn more.

An Overview of Data Entry Work and How to Apply

What Is Data Entry?

In its simplest form, data entry is transferring data from one source to another by typing it in. This is done by using a computer. The data that has been typed in is then generally stored on the cloud, or in a Google document for the employer to access. 

Sometimes when the data has to be typed into an Excel spreadsheet, you store it on your computer and email the completed spreadsheet to the employer.

What to Expect

The minimum requirements you have to comply with include that you must have a computer with a high-speed internet connection. Experience with Excel or other spreadsheets, and Word processing is essential. 

You also must have the basic computer skills to send and receive emails and work with Google documents. Accuracy when entering data is to a certain extent more important than a very fast typing speed. 

So, if you only have a reasonable typing speed, but can type accurately, then you could be a good fit for the job. If you are looking for a more advanced job than just data entry, then you could apply for jobs where you also have to sort, calculate, or interpret data. 

Depending on what this extra work entails, your employer would expect more relevant experience and post-school qualifications.


In most cases, data entry workers are hired as freelancers working for a fee or commission rather than salaried employees. 

The average per hour rate for entry-level workers is less than $15. You may even be offered a very low rate of $5 or $6 per hour for your first two or three tasks, and then if the employer is satisfied, you may qualify for a higher rate.

$15 per hour can sound good if you calculate your income based on eight hours per day, and five days per week. But, the reality is that in most cases the tasks you would be offered is for only a few hours a day. 

How to Apply Online for a Data Entry Job

An Overview of Data Entry Work and How to Apply

We suggest that you start by applying on a recruiting company’s platform. These companies have developed online platforms where employers post their job opportunities, and if you are interested, then you apply via the platform. 

The platform protects both you and the employer. All contracts and payments have to be done via the platform. The two platforms that we advise you to use are listed below. You will be required to register and give CV details, but no subscription fee is required. 

With some, you will have an unlimited number of times to apply, while with others it will be limited. When you’ve used your free options, you have to pay a small fee to remain on the platform. 

The secret is that you have to keep on applying for small jobs to receive a constant income unless you succeed to get one or two long term jobs. The two popular platforms you can try are Freelancer and UpWork.


If you have data entry or relevant experience and want to give online data entry a try, then check out those platforms we’ve provided and start applying.