Best New Chef Job Opportunities

Chefs never seem to run out of work with restaurants dotting every corner of the globe and the hospitality industry always booming! If you got the talent to dish out the best of cuisine, you’re certain to always be in demand!

There is so much specialization in culinary art whether it’s being an expert at the cuisine of a particular region or delving into fusion. There is even scope for creating your own signature dishes and presenting them to the world!

In this article, we take a look at the best chef jobs on the market and where you can apply for the same. We shorten your search to landing the best opportunities.

Best New Chef Job Opportunities


Best Job Vacancies for Chefs

Whether you specialize in Continental or Asian cuisine or can puff those pastries to perfection, there’s an opportunity for every type of specialization. Let’s take a look at some vacancies fresh on the market.

Head Chef at The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar, Charlotte, NC

This vacancy requires you to be responsible for the overall culinary operations of the kitchen and the Sushi area besides hiring staff, purchasing, and training. You will need prior experience in a similar position to apply for this job. 

Executive Chef at Foxtrot, Washington, DC

Foxtrot, an all essentials store is looking for an executive chef to manage their kitchen operations, oversee food quality standards, and execute recipes. The requirement for this job is 2-5 years of work experience in the culinary field. 

Pastry Chef at Marriot International, Nashville, TN

Marriot International has recently advertised for a Pastry Chef with creative baking and decorating talents to join their team. You will need a 2-year degree in culinary arts and 2 years of work experience in the field to apply for this vacancy. 

Sous Chef at Compass Group, San Francisco, CA

The Compass Group is looking for a Sous Chef for their Bon Appetit Management Company to assist the overall success of their food program and supervise the kitchen’s operational, and culinary tasks. Applicants for this job must possess a 2-year experience in a kitchen supervisory role. 

Chef at Brandywine, Moorestown, NJ

The main responsibilities of this position include planning, preparing, and executing dining menus besides supporting menu design, innovation, and a signature dining program. You will need a 2-year Culinary Arts degree or a relevant culinary certification to apply for this vacancy. 

Chef at Station 28, Miami, FL

This job will give you the opportunity to learn Peruvian food and innovate with Peruvian and Asian fusion. Responsibilities include planning, inventory, preparation, and presentation of platters. 

Executive Chef at Sodexo, Martin, TN

Sodexo has recently announced openings for executive chefs to look into managing the catering process from beginning to execution. A 2-year associate degree and a 4-year work experience in a related field are expected of the applicants. 

Chef at ClubCorp, Dallas, TX

This job involves assisting the executive chef at the main, grill, and banquet kitchens. Culinary graduates with 2-years of work experience will be preferred for this position. 

Head Chef at Enlivant, West Columbia, SC

Enlivant provides meals to senior citizens in over 230 communities. The responsibilities of this position include making sure that the dietary needs of the residents are met besides maintaining quality and safety standards. You will need 1-year of related work experience to apply for this vacancy. 

Pastry Chef at North Italia, Santa Monica, CA

If you are great at making Italian bread, pastries, puddings, and other desserts, and have 2 years of work experience working in this field, you can consider applying for this vacancy at North Italia in Santa Monica. 

Best New Chef Job Opportunities

The Bottom Line

When applying for these jobs, make sure that your CV is updated with all your latest qualifications and work experience. You can also practice and make perfect those specialties as you’re most likely to be tested for your culinary talent during the application process.