How to Connect with Recruiters on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the world’s largest employee-oriented online service launched on May 5, 2003, is the key to linking oneself with success in work life. It is a platform specially designed to boost the professional network where employers can post the job and job seekers can post their CV to apply for the same.

Regarded as the greatest free service tool, LinkedIn allows simplifying the job hunt for applicants in various ways possible. One such finest strategy is to connect with recruiters looking for the right candidates for the right opportunity.

However, as it is a fact that there is nothing like a cakewalk in the professional world, thus reaching out to employers on a social platform can be strenuous for many, especially in the case of beginners. Concerning the need of the time, here are the top tips that will boost your connection with recruiters smoothly on LinkedIn.

How to Connect with Recruiters on LinkedIn
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Maintain Strong LinkedIn Profile

It is a fact that a good LinkedIn profile is the basis of one’s personal branding. Having a strong profile on the platform that throws lights on skills and motivations surge the chances of recruiters automatically making the connections. 

There are plentiful ways in which you can ensure the powerful impact of your LinkedIn profile. These are choosing the perfect professional profile picture, curating the catchy headline other than just mentioning the job title, listing the relevant skills and hobbies, blossoming connections, and managing endorsement. 

Besides, taking skill assessment also boosts hiring as it helps to display skills badges on the profile. Furthermore, it is suggested to have a grasp of new LinkedIn features to take full advantage of the platform. 

Some of the recently enunciated features that let one interactively engage with the community are employee notification, community hashtags, hyperlinking the URLs to stories for more exposure, and others.

Search For Recruiters Strategically

Unlike many other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a professional network, and thus connecting with unknown people does not seem to be creepy. In other words, one should not feel shy in connecting with employers on the platform. 

The only condition is to search for the right recruiters offering the well-suited job as this spike the chances of selection. 

To connect precisely with recruiters, the best strategy would be to narrow the results based on region and industry while searching the term ‘recruiter’ in the search bar. 

Besides, one can also find the recruiters who have studied in the same school or have something else in common—all it needs to type the school’s name in the search bar to get the results. 

Strengthen The Connection With Request

Sending just an invite to the recruiters will seem quite generic and fails to make recruiters aware of your job needs. Therefore, it is good to send a connection request of around 300 words via InMail or a common connection that should include the introduction, interest, and professional goals. 

In case the recruiter doesn’t notice or reach out to you with an email or LinkedIn message, a follow-up message can surely work. Make sure to write the message in a blend of friendly and professional tone to entice them. 

All this becomes easy and can be conveniently accomplished with a LinkedIn premium account. Other than options such as InMail, a premium account offers several benefits comprising the ability to view expanded profiles, viewing salary information, moving on the top as a featured applicant, and a lot more.

Enhance Visibility And Connections

There are various ways to stay more visible on LinkedIn, which as a result, helps to attract recruiters. The foremost is to join the groups or chats that are in link with your interest and field. Make sure to comment on relevant posts by other members.

It is also good to post relevant articles and post on the profile to boost engagement. Other than this, growing the number of connections also work in favor as this makes recruiters believe in your credibility and professionalism. 

Even though one can restrict the first-degree connection to follow you in settings, being open to connections boosts your visibility and vice versa.

How to Connect with Recruiters on LinkedIn

The Bottom Line

LinkedIn can be your secret to success in the professional world if managed strategically. Connecting with the common field recruiters is a sure shot way to get the dream job and experience the desired prosperity. 

Therefore, take no time and start working on your profile to attract the recruiters for positive results. Make sure to consider all the aforesaid tips to get things done in a precise way.