Best New Secretary Job Opportunities

Are you a secretary looking for work? Before committing yourself to a position you do not want, read this article. You can get more work satisfaction if you choose the type of secretarial position that fits your personality and interests.

There are very few companies left where a secretary only has to manage files, answer the telephone and keep management’s diary. Secretaries are nowadays more involved in the company as a whole. To emphasize this, other names are also used. Secretaries are now sometimes called personal or administrative assistants. 

So, when you look for a job as a secretary, find a company in an industry you are interested in, and your daily tasks will be rewarding. We’ve looked at 10 different types of work environments. Each of the job opportunities requires specific characteristics and skills. We hope this summary will help you to think wider than files and telephones for work satisfaction.   

Best New Secretary Job Opportunities


We briefly describe the job opportunity, with the emphasis on how the employee with the applicable skills and interests might enjoy working there. A link is given at each position, enabling you to get the full job description.  

Job Opportunities In Specific U.S. Locations


If you are interested in health and medical care, this post at Saint Louis University could suit you.  Apart from admin work, you’ll also have to compile and type manuscripts, abstracts, and protocols where your medical knowledge will be of good use. 

Outdoors Rather than inside an Office

If you are more adventurous and want to work more on-site than in an office, this job in Alaska might be for you. This position is with an oil company which is field-based

You will be working 10-12 hours a day on a rotational shift schedule. If you are an outdoors person, this can be a very exciting and rewarding secretarial job for you.


Apart from handling the administration of this legal office in Helena, Montana as secretary, you’ll serve as the liaison between counsel and opposing counsel, and clients

You’ll also conduct phone conferences with potential clients to obtain preliminary information to screen for the attorneys. Your legal knowledge will be of great value and you’ll experience work satisfaction. 

Special Education

This job in Southwick is an interesting choice if you like to be involved with education. You’ll meet and interact with employees and parents of children in special education

This could be challenging but requires tact, discretion and courtesy. At the end of every day, you’ll feel you’ve done much more than only admin work.

Online Job Opportunities

Language skills (English and Japanese)

Your language skills in English and Japanese could make your secretarial job at this company very interesting and much more than typing and phone-answering.  You’ll have to be involved in company matters to help the CEO to communicate online with employees in English and Japanese


You will enjoy your work at this company every day if you are interested in E-commerce. You’ll need your knowledge to find relevant e-commerce information on the web and prepare presentations. 

Excel, Google and Adobe Expert

If you enjoy working with Excel spreadsheets, Google docs and sheets and is an expert with Adobe, this virtual secretarial job will be just for you. It will be required from you to use your creativity, and simplify procedures with regards to all these applications. You could actually assist in creating your own procedures, 

Personal Assistant

Perhaps you prefer to work for one person only, also assisting with personal tasks. Then this job might be what you are looking for. Apart from office admin, you’ll have to manage the person’s to-do-lists and assist with purchases. 


If you see yourself working with an online coach in the spiritual field, this job can be very exciting and rewarding. You will be doing much more than ordinary secretarial work and get involved in preparing coaching material. 

“Old School” Secretary

If you are a “born secretary” and like doing just that, this position will suit you. Your primary responsibility is to keep the systems running, and the reports and memos up to date. 

Best New Secretary Job Opportunities


You can get much more work satisfaction if you work as a secretary in an environment which is exciting and interesting for you.  Good luck with the job-hunting!