Learn What to Wear to a Receptionist Interview

When interviewing for a receptionist position, you have to carefully choose what to wear. Indeed you need to prepare for the interview and mostly what you are going to say. However, failing to dress appropriately, can cost you the job.

Should you dress casually, it will portray that you are not taking the job seriously. Subsequently you can be denied the chance. If you wear too much–an expensive look–it could appear as if you are interviewing for the top job of the company. This will show that you do not understand the nature of the job you are interviewing for.

So, it is quite obvious that picking the right outfit for this important moment is vital towards your chances of either getting hired or not. So this article is going to give a few tips on how to ease the struggle of cloth choices that comes when preparing for such interviews.

Learn What to Wear to a Receptionist Interview
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Consider the Office Setting, Type of Company, and its Vision

By office setting, you not only focus on the office layout but the nature of their day to day activities. For instance, if you are interviewing at a law firm or an accounting firm, you will be safe if you dressed conservatively, as this is mostly the dress code in most of those places.

However, this is not always the case. If for instance, you are interviewing at a tech firm, a trendy business, or a prospectively focused business, places that mostly advocate for a more relaxed casual appearance rather than a conservative look, then, smart casual attires can do the trick for you.

In some cases, you can be interviewing at a factory. Here the nature of the job is you get to move around quite often. The casual dressing here is necessary as it is comfortable, and it gives you an easy time of running errands. Let your panel see that you understand the nature of the job. You can try coordinated separates for the interview.

Generally what you intend to do here is make a good first impression. Formal business attire as per the nature of the job will automatically do you a real favor. So, it’s important to understand the nature of the job and the office setting. Keep your cloth choices relevant, appropriate, and most importantly, formal.

Dress Tips for Men

Avoid colorful clothes.  A dark-colored suit or a neutral-colored one paired with a white shirt and of course a coordinating tie usually does the magic. The suit must fit well. Keep off suits with trendy buttons, colorful wide lapels, dramatic pocket squares, or suits that are made from striped materials. 

With shoes, always go for a formal dark pair of shoes. Do not ever wear casual shoes for the interview. No top-siders and definitely, no deck shoes or slip-ons. Conservative leather shoes or loafers can be worn, however; they must blend in nicely with the suit.

Jewelry and accessories can be used to add to your look but keep this on the minimal side. A simple watch and just one ring are always enough. Avoid earrings on the interview day as you may not know whether your employer permits them or not.

If you do not want to wear a suit, you can dress fairly conservatively.  You can put on slacks paired with a sports coat. Just make sure you choose less screaming colors. The classic combination of a cardigan, a blending shirt, and a tie is also acceptable for such an interview.

Dress Tips for Women

For women, you can pick a dark-colored or neutral-colored outfit for the interview.  It is safe to dress conservatively as it sends a message to the panel about your personality; character and confidence from the word go. Rarely can you go wrong with this choice.

With this look, the recruiter can easily picture you being able to do a casual look than the other way round. Showing up for the interview casually dressed could portray how difficult it can be for you to do an official conservative look. You do not want them to picture you wearing completely inappropriate clothes on normal working days.

On makeup and accessories, do not overdo yourself. Too much of these can distract your interviewer and you may end up losing your chance. A simple watch, a bracelet, and of course not dangling earrings will do the trick 

For shoes, stick with formal shoes and avoid strapped sandals at all costs.

Learn What to Wear to a Receptionist Interview
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If in doubt, ask. Asking is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it is a sign of maturity and the ability to take instructions. If this is your first opportunity into a workforce, then be wise and confident and ask the recruiter what dress code they expect you to have on the interview day.

Recruiters most times are patient when it comes to interviewees who seek important information. They strongly resent job seekers with a “know it all” attitude. If you are not sure, it’s perfectly fine to find out, and the recruiter is best placed to offer you such information.