Offline Typing Jobs: How to Apply

Every office has its own share of documents, reports, and correspondence that needs to be typed out; making the content accessible to managers, employees, and collaborators. This makes typists so important for the smooth functioning of any enterprise.

An offline typist needs to have a good typing speed, excellent grammar, and language skills, and they need to deliver documents that are both accurate and updated. He must also give priority to meeting deadlines and keeping sensitive information confidential.

In this article, we take a look at this job profile and detail the responsibilities of this type of position. We also discuss the requirements for this job and how to apply for the post of an offline typist. Read on to learn more.

Offline Typing Jobs: How to Apply


An offline typist works in an office and is in charge of typing all office material into a digital format. The main duty of an offline typist is to type out data written on paper into the official database. 

During meetings, the typist will also have to take notes of the discussion and convert it into a detailed typed-out document. Other responsibilities include transcribing audio files, editing documents for grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and scanning and printing files when required. 

The offline typist might also be asked to gather typing material, organize digital filing systems, create presentations and spreadsheets. 


The average annual salary of an offline typist is $42,153. Though most typists work on a monthly wage basis, some may be employed on an hourly basis. Typists are usually paid anything between $16 to $20 an hour. 

Work Experience and Skills

To apply for a job of an offline typist, the applicant will require to have experience in typing and data entry. They will also need to be familiar with using office equipment, word processing software, data recorders, and optical scanners. 

It is an added advantage to be proficient in creating spreadsheets and presentations using digital material. The most essential skill for a typist is a good typing speed and a good command over the English language. 

An offline typist must also have a keen eye for detail and be able to spot any errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. They should be able to take notes quickly and have good communication skills to put information forward in a manner that can be comprehended by all. 

More so, a typist should have the skill to keep all files and documents organized so that they can be easily retrieved.

Educational Requirements

The educational requirement for the post of an offline typist is a high school diploma, however, doing a short course in typing can be beneficial. Other courses that can improve your chances of getting the job are courses in computer training and English grammar. 

How to Apply 

Offline Typing Jobs: How to Apply

You can start by visiting online job search engines, like LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, and Glassdoor which display the latest typing job openings. You will have to create an account on one or more of these job sites by feeding in your basic information.

The next step is to upload your CV onto your account. You must make sure that your CV is updated with all your latest qualifications and work experience. You can then scroll through these job search engines and search for vacancies advertised. 

These websites will also give you an option to subscribe to job alerts by email. By subscribing you can stay informed on the latest job opportunities in your field of expertise. Once you find the right job listing, you can click on it and fill out the online application and click on submit.

You will then have to wait for your job application to get processed and if accepted you will get a call for an interview. In the meantime, you can prepare for your interview, practice your typing skills, and revise your grammar. 

The Bottom Line

Typists are employed in corporate offices, media houses, courtrooms, and across various types of enterprises – they are always in demand. 

So if you have a very quick hand at typing, exceptional language skills, and a working knowledge of office equipment, there is nothing stopping you from landing a well-paid secure job.