Masters in Entrepreneurship – Best Programs in Bangladesh

Over the years, the concept of entrepreneurship has gone under massive transformation. Today, it has become more than just the creation of business; various entrepreneurial skills also come along with it. 

Entrepreneurship development helps to eradicate the future possibilities of unemployment, poverty, and undeveloped industrialization and economy.

Against the backdrop of all these, Bangladesh is on the verge of making significant headway to the entrepreneurship development process. Today, we bring you some of the best programs for doing your Masters in Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh. Read on to learn more.

Masters in Entrepreneurship - Best Programs in Bangladesh

Masters of Economics (Entrepreneurship Economics)

Masters of Economics (Entrepreneurship Economics) is a master’s program by Dhaka School of Economics (DScE), a constituent of the University of Dhaka. 

The program is highly focused on educating the students so that they can productively start and possess entrepreneurial effort to make straight away subsequently after attaining the degree. The course duration is 18 months that comprises of 4 semesters. 

For the admission to the Masters of Economics (Entrepreneurship Economics) program, the candidate must have at least a Bachelors or a Masters Degree from any of the recognized universities. 


The faculty members include reputed economists, entrepreneurial experts, management and marketing specialists, business analysts, and financial and statistical analysts. Additionally, the program conducts seminars, conferences, field trips, and elevator pitches. 

On the successful completion of the course, the university boasts that the students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of economic traits and take on the role of an entrepreneur. 

You can also analyze and present the analysis of current entrepreneurial policies, determine the possible threats and problems with them, and possibly eliminate those threats. 

Post Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Development

The Post Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Development is the newest program introduced for the first time in Bangladesh. The DScE puts forward the vision to support young and talented minds to become entrepreneurs. 

The program will grant the students with an opportunity to gather knowledge and skills that will help them transform their ideas into becoming successful entrepreneurs

After the completion of the program, graduates will not just be able to transform themselves as self-employed workers, but they can also work as employment creators. This program is for those who dream to launch a venture and become a successful entrepreneur. 

Features of the Program

This program is highly exposed to theoretical and practical learning opportunities and provides instructions on self-employment opportunities. 

There are eight courses which consist of 800 marks for one year. Additionally, the program involves a mandatory educational tour in a foreign country partnered with the networking university. 

Executive Masters of Business Administration 

Masters in Entrepreneurship - Best Programs in Bangladesh

The Executive Masters of Business Administration is basically a degree program that particularly targets corporate executives and managers who are already in the workforce. 

The EMBA program is largely focused on entrepreneurship development and management. Besides, it also focuses on human resource management, marketing, and finances as well. 

The EMBA program of the Independent University Bangladesh has a duration of 24 months and the tuition fee can cost you about 3,39,393 Bangladeshi Taka ($4000). The course is engaged in core coursework in finance, accounting, operations management, and other disciplines. 

Students in the EMBA program come away with an enhanced skills base to grow their career prospects at their organizations. Most EMBA students are working as the executives or so for the organization that helps them to best practice their classroom learning into real life.

The Bottom Line

Entrepreneurship plays an important role in ensuring a strong resource for the economic development of the country. 

In a developing country like Bangladesh, with an increasing youth population, the concept of entrepreneurship is always helpful. It has the ability to foster growth, alleviate poverty, and increase employment opportunities as well.