Law Commission Job Circular 2019

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Law Commission Job Circular 2019

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The Law Commission Act provides for the formation of a commission consisting of three members, including the chairman. They were appointed by the government. The tenure of the chairman and members is three years from the date of appointment. They cannot be removed without causing serious misconduct, physical or mental incapacity. They can be re-assigned for one or more terms. The other terms and conditions of employment, including their satisfaction, are determined by the Government. Currently, the Law Commission is comprised of a chairman and two members.

The Law Commission is an independent body formed under the Legislature of the National Parliament to review the existing laws in Bangladesh and to submit recommendations for necessary reforms. It is not a branch of government to act as a legal counselor or a drafting cell; Its main task is to adopt law reform programs in all fields, taking into account all laws at all times.

Resignation : Please see the job circular.

Job Type : Full Time

Age : Please, see the job circular.

Salary : Please ,see the circular.

Opportunities : See the circular.

Application Deadline : 09 September 2019

Law Commission Job Circular Notice 2019

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Matters relating to the amendment of a law or the enactment of a new law come to the Commission through the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs. Thus, a proposal to amend the constitution for the separation of the judiciary from the executive department of the state, the law on crime prevention and punishment for genocide, and the Ombudsman Act of 5 was passed on to the Law Commission by the government. On the other hand, the Commission accepts part of its responsibility for the revision and amendment of the Trade Marks Act, the Merchandise Marks Act, the Copyright Act, the Admiralty Act, the Patent and Design Act, etc.

Under the Charter Act of 9, the first law commission was formed in the Indian subcontinent under the chairmanship of Thomas Babington Meckel in the 5th. Subsequently, three law commissions were formed in phases 1, 5 and 6. The first law commission also formulated recommendations for the Indian Penal Code of 5, criminal law of the year, and recommendations for formulating law. The next three law commissions enriched the jurisprudence of India, including the Bengal Territory, through the creation of time-consuming laws. Many of the laws enacted in Bangladesh, including the Penal Code of 3, the Evidence Act of 3 and the Contract Law and Property Transfer Act of 2002, are the products of the efforts of the first four law commissions.

The Law Commission prepares a list of laws that will be adopted at the end of each year for revision and review next year. The Law Commission, after adopting a special law for reconsideration, drafted a working paper on the issue under the supervision of a member and with the help of one or more research officers. The Commission invites experienced lawyers and experts in the matter and receives their suggestions. Taking into consideration all the oral and written comments received, the Commission prepared the final report and recommendations. The final report was then sent to the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs. Depending on the government’s policy decision whether to take initiative to enact the law.