What Is the Purpose of an Interview?

A job interview or a personal interaction is a pseudo-formal conversation between the employer and the potential candidate. An interview’s objective is not only to capitalize on a job offer but also to identify the employer’s motive for hiring a candidate under the said position.  There are always two sides in an interview, the candidate … Read more

How to Connect with Recruiters on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the world’s largest employee-oriented online service launched on May 5, 2003, is the key to linking oneself with success in work life. It is a platform specially designed to boost the professional network where employers can post the job and job seekers can post their CV to apply for the same. Regarded as the … Read more

Work Email Response Time Etiquette – Know The Basics

Reading and responding to emails is one of the most time-consuming and important aspects of a lot of professions. A major chunk of time during the day is taken up responding to emails, and your professional life is dependent on them. And it’s not simply good enough to reply. How you reply and what you … Read more

Learn the Main Rules of Business Lunch Etiquette

Any organization is full of opportunities; you just need to get noticed for your individuality. For instance, when you start to make everyone around you feel comfortable, you will surely get positive attention. Apart from doing regular official work, following basic manners can also help you to shine among others.  A business lunch or a … Read more

How to Get a Promotion – Learn These Best Tips

Do you feel as if you’ve been in the same job for a bit too long? Are your tasks getting a bit too boring and mundane? Waking up every day to be that very same person at work might be annoying you. Perhaps a promotion might fix that problem! People start considering getting a promotion … Read more

Best New Chef Job Opportunities

Chefs never seem to run out of work with restaurants dotting every corner of the globe and the hospitality industry always booming! If you got the talent to dish out the best of cuisine, you’re certain to always be in demand! There is so much specialization in culinary art whether it’s being an expert at … Read more

Best New Interior Design Job Opportunities

Are you an interior designer waiting to unleash your creativity on a wide range of indoor spaces? Then, you are in luck! An excellent profession with high demand, interior designing is a career with immense growth opportunities.  You will find hundreds of job opportunities that can help give your career a boost. Not sure where … Read more

Best New Secretary Job Opportunities

Are you a secretary looking for work? Before committing yourself to a position you do not want, read this article. You can get more work satisfaction if you choose the type of secretarial position that fits your personality and interests. There are very few companies left where a secretary only has to manage files, answer … Read more

Best New Education Job Opportunities

Looking for job opportunities in the education industry and hitting a wall? Maybe you were restricting your search to limited job titles. Maybe you were looking in the wrong places. But now you are at the right place! Education jobs are evergreen at least as far as we can see in the future. There are … Read more

Learn What to Wear to a Receptionist Interview

When interviewing for a receptionist position, you have to carefully choose what to wear. Indeed you need to prepare for the interview and mostly what you are going to say. However, failing to dress appropriately, can cost you the job. Should you dress casually, it will portray that you are not taking the job seriously. … Read more