Direction to fire if Lockdown does not comply.

Direction to fire if Lockdown does not comply. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the firing if the lockdown was not followed. He gave this directive while addressing the nation on Wednesday, April 01 (one). He requested that the government comply with the directive. Because of your unconsciousness, tens of thousands of people can die.

Considering your own country, country and family, carefully follow the government’s directive. The President added that the country is now going through difficult times. So, in compliance with the government, obey all government regulations.

Direction to fire if lockdown is not complied with.

He said the health workers, disobeying government sanctions, will not harm doctors. Because these are the ones that will help the country a lot to overcome this difficult situation. Stay healthy and help others stay healthy. Remember, your one wrong decision can make the country a death sentence.

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Direction to fire if Lockdown does not comply

লকডাউন মেনে না নিলে গুলি চালানোর নির্দেশ

Direction to fire if Lockdown does not complyPhilipines corona Notice

PRESIDENT – Police and the military have been ordered to be shot dead if someone tries to make the country endangered by unnecessarily disturbing disobeying government directives. Because for some dishonest citizens, the whole country will not be put in danger.

Meanwhile, the lockdown has already started in the country two weeks ago. But after receiving enough food and relief, a warning came from Duttat, after intense protests by slum dwellers and poor people on a highway in Manila’s Quezon City.

Although the country’s military ordered all the people to stay home, many did not notice it. Police have arrested 20 people for stabbing and agitating in protest at slum and villagers protest.

So far 2,633 people have died in Coronation in the Philippines, at least 107 have died and 51 have recovered.

Source: Somoy TV News

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