Best New School Counselor Job Opportunities – Wednesday 11/25

School counselors constitute an important part of the educational leadership team. They provide assistance to students irrespective of whether they work in elementary school, high school, middle school, or beyond. 

Mostly, school counselors listen to students regarding their academic, emotional, or physical concerns. A good school counselor should have skills, like patience, hospitable, and problem solving skills. 

You should also have a degree in counseling, human relations or any related field. Are you a qualified school counselor looking for a job? Read on to learn about some of the new school counselor job opportunities

Best New School Counselor Job Opportunities - Wednesday 11/25
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Klein Independent School District

Klein Independent School District in Harris County, Texas needs a professional school counselor to provide support to high school students and the teaching staff. 

You should be in position to resolve any conflicts presented to you with calmness and expertise. Also, you should be able to work under pressure. 

Pediatric Therapeutic Services, Inc

Pediatric Therapeutic Services (PTS) Inc. in Wilmington needs a full-time school counselor to offer school-based services at their school. Qualifications needed are a Master’s in counseling and must have a school counseling certificate. 

Counselor – Middle School

A middle school in North Santiam needs both full-time and temporary educational counselors. Qualifications needed include a master’s degree in counseling, a valid Oregon counseling license issued by TSPC.  

Also, a Bachelor’s degree with child development specialist certificate given by state department of education can apply. You must have experience in the practices and principles of educational guidance.

Salem Keizer Public School District

A school counselor is needed to work in Salem Keizer Public School District of Marion county. Some of the duties are to plan, promote and deliver an extensive developmental guidance and counseling program for students. 

This should help students in areas of academic achievement, physical, mental and social wellbeing and in their career decisions. The right candidate should be a licensed school counselor or social worker. 

Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union

A school counselor is needed to work now and the remaining part of the year. You must have experience with the organization and execution of NECAP testing ability to show initiative technology experience with schools and student management systems. 

Also, you must show a desire to create a rapport with students, colleagues and parents. Other requirements are excellent communication skills, passion to work at a middle school level, understanding of the developmental challenges faced by adolescents.

Cabarrus County Schools

A school counselor is needed at Cabarrus County Schools to promote student success, provide preventive services and respond to particular student needs. You must be able to perform all essential functions satisfactorily. 

After School Counselor

A full-time and part-time after school counselor is needed at ACAC. This role is responsible for supervising and leading elementary school children that participate in acac’s After School Program. 

The right candidate must follow all acac policies and procedures linked with this position and all social services licensing standards of Virginia at all times. 

You must be able to work Monday to Friday, 1:30 to 6pm in the school year. Other roles include supervising and interacting with children in after school program. 

Duval County Public Schools

A teacher or school counselor is needed in Duval County Public schools to give counseling services for students through designing and executing a multi-layered, accountable and comprehensive guidance program. 

Worcester Technical High School

Worcester Technical High School has an opening for a guidance counselor to assist students in identifying problems and developing with the students the ability to make decisions. 

Other duties are to help prevent problems from developing with the intention of reducing the need for crisis counseling. You will also counsel individual and groups of students with short-term counseling services and pre-referral conferences with school personnel in a team context. 

North Rose-Wolcott Central School District 

Best New School Counselor Job Opportunities - Wednesday 11/25
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The North Rose-Wolcott Central School District needs a school counselor with a school counselor certification. You must be able to facilitate social and emotional growth among students and to promote overall positive school experiences. 

Also, you should help students in solving problems related to health, home and emotional adjustments. Learn more about this job here.


School counselors are needed in schools to help students and the teaching staff with health, emotional and physical wellbeing. You must have a bachelor’s degree or master’s in counseling, human relations, or another related field to apply for one of these jobs.