Best New Child Psychologist Job Opportunities – Monday 11/30

Child Psychologists usually work for Local Education Authorities if they have already become specialists in Education Psychology. There is a huge need for work in this area, especially because it has to do with kids.

Working with children is usually challenging and fun at the same time, and it is an area that is characterized by many different aspects, and working with kids can be pretty rewarding.

One of the best things about choosing a child-related profession is that you are able to make a difference in the lives of children who are the most vulnerable and at-risk individuals in society. Read on to learn more about the best new child psychologist job opportunities.

Best New Child Psychologist Job Opportunities - Monday 11/30
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Ability Builders for Children, LLC

When applying for this job, you must ensure that you are qualified to work with children who are between 0 and 3 years old. You must be a state licensed Ph.D., PsyD, or a Clinical Child Psychologist.

Humboldt State University

This position is available at Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA. The hiring position is available in the Psychology department.

The position is for a highly qualified Child psychologist with a state-licensed Ph.D., PsyD, or a Clinical Child Psychology. The pay rate for this position is $728 each month.

ABA Therapist – Behavior Therapist

This is a child psychologist position in Phoenix, AZ. This job provides behavioral intervention service throughout the Phoenix, Arizona Area. They are looking for someone who has the skills and training capability to deal with children and with a passion to make a difference in their lives.

Reconnect Trauma Treatment Center

The position is available at Reconnect Trauma Treatment Center in Pacific Palisades CA. This is a fast-paced position that demands lots of responsibility. 

You have to be able to reconnect with interactive and trauma-exposed children in the facility. The main focus is on the safety of the kids and the management of client and staff attendance. 

International Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment

This position is with ICAN, in Bellevue, WA. This is a highly sensitive position that needs a highly qualified individual that is able to make a difference in children with autistic problems.

Behavior Technician

This job is in Phoenix, AZ. It is a therapy-related job for children who are under the clinical direction of the BCBA. 

You must be an ABA therapist who will be responsible for the skill-acquisition and behavior-reduction plans that are developed for the company. You must deliver high-quality services for the children.

ICAN: ABA Therapist

This is another position available in ICAN (International Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment). It is a therapist-owned and operated clinic that has got two main positions in Washington and Bellevue. 

ADHD & Autism Psychological Services and Advocacy

The ADHD & Autism Psychological Services and Advocacy is looking for a behavior technician who is well trained to deal with children with autism

They are looking for motivated and bright individuals to help these children and you must be able to do a great job for the children and must be ready to make a change in their lives.

APEX Behavioral Consulting, LLC

This position is available at APEX Behavioral Consulting, LLC, and it is located in Jamaica Plains, MA. The payment posted for the job is between $18 and $25. You must be a state licensed Ph.D., PsyD.

Child Life Specialist

Best New Child Psychologist Job Opportunities - Monday 11/30
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The position is in Valhalla, NY. The child specialist who gets hired for this job will become a key member of the healthcare team. You should be able to communicate with all relevant developmental and psychosocial members. You should also participate in team meetings and rounds. 


So, if you have been looking for a job as a new child psychologist, then we hope that we have helped with the currently available positions in the specific areas. Just follow the links to see what the jobs entail and how you can qualify for them.