What is white discharge and its remedy.

What is white discharge and its remedy.What is white discharge and what are the remedies? What is white discharge or leukemia?

The liquid like water is a transparent white substance that comes out of the vagina. It is a general discharge of the uterus and vagina that contains dead cells and some bacteria. It is a kind of acid emitter.
A frequent discharge in the way in which women give birth is known as leukemia. Remember – this is not a disease, just a symptom or symptom of white discharge or leukemia.

The amount of sedation may vary at different times in a woman’s life. At certain times, such as during sexual intercourse or excitement, during ovulation (in the middle of the menstrual cycle), before and after menstruation, during pregnancy, and in newborn babies, a little extra ejaculation is normal, indicating your sexual and reproductive health. However, it is important to maintain the normal quality of the discharge, or it may turn into an abnormal white discharge.

Many women have this disease before and after marriage. But many hide it from themselves by shame or neglect. Many don’t even give it much importance. However, lately, the awareness of the rising literacy rate of women has raised a lot of awareness. Now they share different problems with each other. Due to which many people are cured by the disease now.

What is white discharge and its remedy.

  • Unusual harmony:

    Discharge discharges such as:
    1. Excessive moisture so that the clothes, petticoat, pajamas or panty are more wet.
    2. With the drainage, the vagina and surrounding area are thickened.
    3. The odor comes out with discharge.
    4. Discharges occur in brown, green, yellow or dense white spots rather than transparent white, liquid, and slippery.
    5. Liquids such as fenesada or rice wash water are released.


  • Why is white discharge?

    There are many causes behind the white discharge.

    ।1. The main cause is infection. Women’s uterus is one of the “open organs” exposed organs. Since the uterus is open, there is no chance of infection.

    2. Infection can be very easily caused by an organism coming from the rectum or anus.

    3. It can also be caused by men. These two infections, such as Tricomano and Monalia, are transmitted to women through men carrying sexually transmitted diseases.

    4. Itching and pain in the uterus infected by Monalia organism. There is a discharge like dense yellow.

    5. The uterus infected by the Trichomonas organism has irritation, itching, the uterus swells, becomes reddish. There is a foul-smelling discharge.

    6. The disease may be due to lack of cleanliness and lack of proper environment.

    7. The disease can also be caused by birth control pills.

    8. Abortion can be due to abortion, etc., in the post-menstrual period.

    9. When men or women start menstruating or menstrual cycle, many people use dirty nectar or clothes or unclean panty. This causes infection in the uterus.

    10. Mental illness can also lead to leukemia or white discharge.

    11. Tuberculosis, anemia and lack of vitamins can cause the disease.

    12. Masturbation or masturbation.

    13. In the old age, the skin of the body dries, it dries. If the uterus is dry then the disease can occur.

  • Tips to prevent white discharge:

    1. Women who have red or pink discharge after intercourse should very soon go to the doctor. Even if there is a Pink discharge between the two periods, the doctor should show. If there is a thin discharge like water in the middle of the period, then there is nothing to fear.

    2. Treatment of the disease (if married), the husband and wife should be treated together. Because of the infection of the wife from the husband can be infected again.

    3. The only way to avoid infection – is to stay clean.

    4. It should be used monthly or seasonally clean with disinfectant (Detal or Sablon) or by disinfecting paint or cloth with good soap.

    5. There is no intercourse or intercourse with the white or discharge.

    6. Eat nutritious or ball-boosting foods.

    7. Have enough sleep and rest.

    8. If birth control is due to pill, it should be stopped for a certain period according to the doctor’s advice.


  • Before and after menstruation, there will be nausea during pregnancy and during pregnancy. But if this is how his clothes are getting wet – he should go to the doctor. Or if there is any smell or itching it must be treated. In addition, I say health is good. If the outbreak is high, he must go to the doctor and seek treatment.
    And due to the extra bad odor, it is more likely to cause uterine cancer.

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Doctor: Shahriar Rashid Chowdhury Jilan

What is white discharge and its remedy.

What is white discharge and its remedy.

What is white discharge and its remedy.

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