Common Screening Questions Asked at Job Interviews

Everyone is bound to go through interviews at one point or another. Even if you don’t want to be employed after school, then you will be interviewed to secure a place in a school. The thought of undergoing an interview will cause chills down the spine-even to the bravest of people. 

You are wondering how it will go, who will be on the panel and how they will treat you, etc. Above all else, people fear interviews for fear of failure. 

Some of the reasons why people fail at interviews include unpreparedness, lack of confidence, not anticipating the possible questions, not doing research, etc.  However, there are some common interview questions that hardly miss on any interview. Find them below.

Common Screening Questions Asked at Job Interviews
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Phone Interviews

Today, with the spread of the novel corona virus, many people are keeping away.  This has led to more people working remotely and still being productive like they were in an office environment. 

Moreover, most companies and businesses have realized that remote working is cheap since it has few overhead costs. Hence even interviews or screening questions are being held on phone.  Below are some common interview questions.

Are You Still Available and Interested in the Job?

Note that there is a time span between when an application is made and when the interview process is implemented. A lot can happen within that time; you could have found another job or lost interest in it. Therefore, it’s important they start with this question so they know whether to go on with the process or not. This question saves time for both the interviewer and interviewee.

What Attracted You to this Job?

Interviewers use this question to test how the specific person ranks with the job opening. If the interviewee enthusiastically gives key details regarding why they applied for a particular position, you can bet they are one of only a handful the interviewees who care about the position.

There Are About 4 Key Requirements for this Opening. Please Can You Confirm with Details that You Meet Them?

After giving you the key requirements they need for this particular position, they will find out if you can meet them. You need to provide specific details. This will let them know whether you have the core qualities they need from you as the ideal candidate or not. There are some qualities they cannot compromise on.

Common Screening Questions Asked at Job Interviews
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What Are Your Biggest Achievements Related to this Job?

They will ask you for your biggest specific achievements in relation to that particular opening. You need to be specific and describe your role in achieving that accomplishment. If possible, quantify your outcome. Most job seekers are not good at recording and tracking their achievements on their resumes. 

Therefore, this question will push you into explaining and quantifying your achievements in words. Note that past performance is an ideal indicator of future behavior, therefore, they should know.

Where Are You in Your Job Search and What do You Hope to Accomplish?

The answer you give to this question provides many insights. For example they’ll know if you have applied to multiple positions, whether you have had interviews and job offers and what the timetable should look like should they bring you for an on-site interview.

Briefly Describe Your Ideal Working Situation (Work Environment, Travel, Hours, etc.)

Note that an applicant can possess the perfect skills and qualifications yet want a completely different work/team/culture environment than what they are offering. If they know your expectations, then they are better fitted to determine whether they move on or not. 

Another way they can ask this question is ‘’what do you expect from your employer or what do you look for in your employer?’

What Are Your Salary Expectations?

Many job seekers are unprepared to answer this question.  However, your response gives them a sneak peek into your insights, interests and self-worth.  In case your salary expectation is completely out of line with what you have allocated to the position, then you can eliminate the candidate unless you have the time to negotiate.

Final Thoughts

The above questions will hardly miss on any job interview you have. Therefore, practice how to answer them and the anxiety associated with job interviews is half way eliminated. Depending on how these questions are answered, the interview process can advance or come to a halt.