Best New Content Developer Job Opportunities – Tuesday 12/01

Web Content development is a job that involves research, writing, organizing, gathering, and editing information for websites, and publications. Web content usually consists of graphics, prose, movies, recordings, and other types of digital assets that can be distributed through the hypertext transfer protocol.

Content development careers are now extremely marketable and most companies are looking for people to work for them in their IT departments.

These jobs have good salaries and good working hours. They offer good salaries as well and flexible working hours. There are plenty of available jobs in this field which we have outlined below.

Best New Content Developer Job Opportunities - Tuesday 12/01
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WordPress Content Developer (Part-Time, Remote) – Job Post

  • Company: Advanced Technology Advisory
  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Salary: between $25 and $50 an hour.
  • Job type: part-time.
  • Qualification: 5 years of WordPress experience
  • Description: This is a WordPress content developer position and the role involves modifying the existing WordPress Websites in order to create additional designs and pages.

Content Contributor: iOS Development- Job Post

  • Company: Codeacademy
  • Location: New York State
  • Full Job Description: as the content contributor, you must be well-versed in IOS Development and should understand content clearly.

Content Developer – Education (Remote) – Job Post

  • Company: Sketchy Group LLC
  • Location: California
  • Full Job Description: This job is located in California, and it is a content development job for an undergraduate candidate willing to join a team building for the next generation. You must however be a subject matter expert in chemistry, physics, and biology.

Front End Web Developer- Job Post

  • Job location– Bedford Heights.
  • Responsibilities & Functions: This job will require you to work collaboratively as part of a cross-functional team for designing, planning, and development, and maintaining a visual style library of content management and showcasing distinctive strengths in a dynamic way.

Web Designer/Developer- Job Post

  • Company: DesignCo
  • Salary: between $13 and $40 an hour. 
  • Position: part-time
  • Job description: This position is based on projects, and as DesignCo is a startup, it has created a new website that is getting the brand started. They are looking for some interns who are creative, curious, determined, and ready to expand their knowledge.

Marketing Content Specialist- Job Post

  • Location: New York
  • Salary: between $15 and $30 an hour.
  • Position: full-time
  • Full Job Description: This job requires someone with full practical knowledge and you must be a quick learner. Even if you are lacking in professional experience, those who are able to successfully complete the trial tasks will become part of the organization.

Frontend Developer- Job Post

  • Company: Emblaze
  • Job location: Los Angeles.
  • Job Description: This job has been advertised for people looking for full-time possibilities for a front-end web developer who has a knack for strategic thinking, who can join Emblaze one and get to work with a well-honed web team.

Best New Content Developer Job Opportunities - Tuesday 12/01

Junior Website Developer- Job Post

  • Company: OurBizSpace
  • Location: West Seneca New York.
  • Job Description: This job is for ideal candidates who have a true passion for web development. The team members at OurBizSpace are detailed oriented and have an excellent working environment. This position consists of maintaining, updating, and expanding content that is assigned to website projects for existing clients.

Educational Content Developer (Remote) – Job Post

  • Location – New York
  • Full Job Description – This position is with Teaching Matters, which is a national nonprofit organization that is headquartered in New York City. Their mission is to close opportunity gaps for a radically unequal education system.

Email Developer- Job Post

  • Location – Boston Massachusetts
  • Job description – The job is available with EF Go Ahead Tours, where they believe it’s never too old for you to be a student of the world. This is a company that is more than 30 years of experience in guiding individuals all over the world with well-crafted group travels.


So if you have been looking for a job as a Content Developer, the above jobs are currently available, and you can click on the links after each job to check out the requirements and apply.