SSC Routine 2020 PDF Download


SSC Routine 2020 PDF Download has been published by Education board Authority.It is very very important news for our students.We have published the correct and accurate routine with PDF files on our site. From the education board website we have published the correct routine on our site for the benefit of all. Although the SSC exams were supposed to start on the last 01 (one), the Board of Education changed the exam schedule due to the city elections. The test will start from 10:00 am on the 1st of February 2020 and end on the 29th February 2020, according to the date on which the new schedule has been changed. So don’t delay, download the right routine now and check the PDF.

SSC Exam Scheduleঃ

(a) SSC Exam Time: 10:00 AM to 01:00 PM (Every Exam).


(b) Exam (Change) start Date: 03 February 2020

(c) Exam Finished: 29 February 2020.

Practical Exam Schedule:

(1) In the practical examination of the music part of the subject of music, the examiner must attend the center at 9:30 am on the scheduled date, along with the admit card, registration card, musical instrument, instrumentalist, and identifying teacher. Only practical answer sheet should be used for practical examination. The main answer sheet of the theoretical test cannot be used in any order.SSC Routine 2020.


(2) Practical examination of all subjects including music from 29/02/2020 Saturday to 05/03/2020 Thursday.

(2) The exam will start from 10:00 am every day.

(4) Examination will be held at the self-examination center.


Practical and Oral Exam Schedule:
  • Practical oral examination of all subjects including basic trades must be completed by 08/03/2020.
  • All relevant exam papers must be submitted by the Board by 11/03/2020.
  • The test will start at 10:00 am every day.
  • A practical examination will be held in their respective centers.
  • Only practical answer sheet should be used for practical examination. The main answer sheet of the theoretical test cannot be used in any order.


Some Important Information for SSC Examiners:
  • The required items (scale, pen, raver, calculator, pencil) should be tested.
  • The examination certificate and registration copy along with the photo should be taken
    It is prohibited to go to the exam with any additional paper.
  • After getting the paper during the exam, each page has to be merged and the text looks good and the number is well received.
  • If the account is given before 10/15 (ten / fifteen) minutes before the start of the test, the name, subject, roll number, registration number and subject code should be carefully and carefully filled out.
  • If there are additional errors, there will be no chance of correction so the circle should be carefully filled.
  • 5/10 minutes after getting the exam question in hand, cool your head and read the question paper a few times. The questions that are best known should be written. The lesser ones should be written at the end because if the writing is good at the beginning of the exam, the number is better.
  • It is important to take into account the duration of the exam every 30 minutes.
  • The book should be reviewed at least 10 (ten) minutes before the end of the exam time or at least 10 (ten) minutes after the end of writing. Spelling and minor mistakes will be corrected.
  • As soon as the test is finished, you have to read the book and give it to the tourist as soon as the bell is worn. Otherwise, if there is a clash with Sir with the account or by pulling it quickly, then it is likely to be torn up and the shredder account will be considered void.
  • First of all, you should speak with respect to the sir in charge of the exam room with elegant language.
  • If you do anything inadvertent or illegal with the sar sitting in the exam, you will be expelled from the exam. Once a sir expels someone, he will not be able to take any exam this year. You have to take the exam one year and the next year. Therefore, it is imperative for all to be tested very carefully and to avoid any illegal activities.
 Here are the rules that SSC candidates need to know:
  • At least 01 (one) hour before the start of the test and 30 minutes before the test.
  • It is completely prohibited to carry any type of mobile or electric device.
  • Any illegal activities are prohibited.
  • In case of any cut, the answer sheet will be treated as canceled.
  • If you make a small mistake you need to inform and correct the room teacher Otherwise the Examination Account will be deemed canceled. Because the computer does not receive any wrong information.
  • Even if the duty teacher gives a test file to “sign,” it must be written carefully and accurately, because errors in this file will cause the test results to fail.
  • After writing the first test paper, after taking any additional paper / page, you have to enter the serial number at the end of the test paper.

SSC Routine 2020 PDF Download

SSC Routine 2020 PDF DownloadSSC Routine 2020 PDF DownloadSSC Routine 2020 PDF Download

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We have posted all information regarding the examination for the benefit of SSC examiners. I have published the exact routine along with the PDF of all the boards including the Madrasa Board. You may also check SSC Result 2020 from our website. The routine is published directly from the education board. We wish all the students good luck with all the information that is unknown to the minds of the students.