Best New Data Entry Job Opportunities – Wednesday


Did you lose your job during the pandemic, or do you just want to change your career? Whatever your reason may be for looking for a new job, the key is be organized in terms of documents, and know what company you want to work for.

Data entry jobs are among the remote jobs that allow you to work from anywhere. With modern technology, you don’t have to be confined in your office to do this job. 


Rather all you need is reliable Internet and a laptop. If you are looking for data entry job opportunities, we have compiled some for you below. Read on to learn more.

Best New Data Entry Job Opportunities - Wednesday

RJM (Remote Job Me)

RJM is looking for a competitive and talented data entry person who is willing to work remotely. You must be flexible in your timing, and you must be passionate and vibrant. 

You must be energetic, positive, communicative over the phone or email, and you must work with internal departments to meet customer needs. 



If you are a data entry clerk or an administrative assistant looking for a job, then this is one for you. Fast is in search of a motivated, self-driven and enthusiastic data entry clerk that will help in participating in regional and nationwide paid studies. 

Have fun as you take part in completing oral and written guidelines and completing written survey given per panel. You must have a smart phone with a camera or webcam on your laptop or desktop and a strong internet connection.

WFM (Work From Home)

WFM is looking for data entry personnel that will help the company do market research for Fortune 500 companies that collect data. This job is ideal for stay-at-home parents, retired people, and those who want to make extra cash between jobs. 

In this job, you will apply your skill-set and learn new exciting skills that can shape your career in future. You will work anywhere and when you want. You can apply for this remote job at Career Builder.

Remote Jobs

Remote Jobs is a company that helps people work remotely by availing them these remote jobs. They are looking for a data entry person. Moreover it doesn’t require prior experience. 

If you have some spare time and have a laptop and strong internet, why not add extra cash with Remote Jobs?

Mercury Z

Mercury company’s sister company, Bold business is in search of data entry clerks. They are searching for data entry clerks that can enter information into the company’s electronic files and digital databases. 


WorkAtHome is looking for a part-time and full-time data entry clerks to take part in their market research panel. You must be inspired, motivated and self-motivated. All you need is a smartphone with a camera or webcam on your desktop or laptop.


If you are a data entry clerk that wants to work with fast growing B2C Online Only Gifting business that reaches millions of people, then try Printerpix. You will get an opportunity to grow into an Octane Growth Data Entry Analyst and grow your career. 

Some of your daily tasks include building, testing, and deploying sprints in a week’s time and optimizing them for growth. You must be a learner, ambitious and enthusiast should apply for this job.

Online Data Entry

Online Data Entry jobs is in search of entry level position data entry personnel willing to work remotely. They will connect you with companies that need data entry clerks to work both full and part-time jobs. 

Bold Business

Bold Business is an online technical service provider and business publication provider that is helping other established brands to convert their ideas into bold impacts. 

They are looking for data entry clerks to enter information into electronic files or digital databases. You must have good PC skills, understanding of databases, typing skills etc. 

US Tech Solutions

Best New Data Entry Job Opportunities - Wednesday

US Tech Solutions is looking for a Promo Entry clerk or Data Entry clerk that will provide RDS analysis and reporting weekly. Also, you’ll be tasked with providing quality validation analysis.

The Bottom Line

Data entry jobs are some of the most common remote jobs available. During this pandemic, you don’t have to walk to people’s offices and companies to work or look for jobs.

Rather apply online and work remotely from the comfort of your home. You need basic computer skills, a computer, and Internet.